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Hungary on TV and A Place in The Sun

Hungary has only appeared once on TVs popular 'A Place in the Sun' and 'A place in the sun Home or Away' when Budapest was featured . ( Series 4 episode 5 ).

Lake Balaton has never featured on Channel 4's popular property programme and as such hasn't attracted the attention of many British people - this being one of the reasons why property prices remain much lower than the rest of Europe.

As the country becomes more popular the media and TV will start to take more of an interest and possibly then prices will come into line with the more popularised locations and resorts. Bad for people that don't yet own but good for those that have already invested. When A Place in the Sun did show Hungary there was immediately more interest in the Hungarian property market but A Place in the Sun and other programmes really need to spend more time at Lake Balaton rather than just Budapest.

Certainly with the amount of EC money going into the infrastructure of Hungary as well as the eventual adoption of the Euro currency the property prices are still rising in the Lake Balaton area at the rate they normally have and this is despite the global property crash of 2008/2009. Possibly because the areas around Lake Balaton are mostly agricultural and are valued on their true value rather than artificially inflated prices that can occurr when developers buy up land simply to resell, so the property prices in these areas have just been steadily increasing.

Places like Dubai which are popular simply because they are popular(like some celebrities are celebrities simply because they are in the news with no real talent, a development area can be popular simply because it is popular but have no real intrinsic value) Dubai of course has developed itself more recently as a centre for tourism and business.

TV companies and programmes such as A Place In The Sun with soon start spending more time in Hungary generally and more specifically at Lake Balaton when they become aware of the benefits of the low cost of living and the very low prices of property.