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Properties in Hungary

You couldn't find a better place for properties in Hungary, we specialise in properties found in Hungary and with good reason. The investment potential is tremendous with property prices still very low in Hungary. You can be 'land rich' in Hungary for not a lot of money.

Typically a family property in Hungary would cost you less than the deposit on a similar property in the United Kingdom. So it makes good sense to at least go and have a look at the properties available in Hungary.

We can organise a viewing trip for you to Hungary so that you can have a look at some properties for sale.

Properties in Hungary.When you do look at some the properties in Hungary you will see a whole range of property conditions. Keep in mind that the vast majority of our properties are in the Lake Balaton area of Hungary which has everything from plots of land to lakeside mansions. This will include agricultural land, building plots, derelict buildings ready for demolition and rebuilding, properties needing renovation, properties needing a bit of decorating or a property which you can move right into.

Lakeside properties will clearly cost more than a property 20 or 30 minutes away from the lake but whatever property you choose you can be assured that it will be good value and a sound investment.

It has to be said that all properties in Hungary are good value but properties near to the lake are especially good value as they will always be in demand for rental or purchase.

Getting to Lake Balaton is relatively easy, there are many flights from the UK into Hungary and if you have bought a property( or properties) you can rest assured that it will always be accessible, either by air or even by road with a good motorway network.

Properties in Hungary have an advantage over those in the United Kingdom as Hungary has a relatively dry climate so the properties don't suffer from the damp problems that we do in the UK.